Haute Capital Partners, in collaboration with Aisot, a pioneer in adaptive investment strategies, is pleased to announce the launch of their latest investment offering, an Actively Managed Certificate (AMC) on AI US&CH Equity Solution. The AMC, provided by GenTwo SA, allows investors to participate in the performance of an actively managed portfolio of assets and cash, reflecting a combination of mean-variance optimization and return views. The strategy aims to achieve long-term capital growth by investing in a systematic basket of stocks represented in the S&P 500, along with holdings of "Haute Capital Partners" stock optimized by proprietary Artificial Intelligence technology developed by Aisot.

Aisot is pioneering a new way to invest by enabling asset and wealth managers to automatically adapt customized strategies and portfolios to fast-changing markets. Their platform and products utilize next-generation AI models and datasets, making quant and AI tools accessible to the broader financial industry. Through this collaboration, Haute Capital Partners leverages Aisot's expertise and innovative technology to enhance the performance and adaptability of the AMC.

The AMC is an innovative investment product that provides exposure to the same performance as a real portfolio managed according to the strategy. However, investors do not have direct ownership of the underlying assets and instead have a claim against the issuer, CAI4 PCC Limited, for the payment of the Redemption Amount based on the Strategy-Level at the Final Valuation Date.

Haute Capital Partners has partnered with MRB Fund Partners SA, a licensed asset manager in Switzerland, to act as the Strategy-Manager for the AMC. The Strategy-Manager is responsible for selecting, adjusting, and rebalancing the Strategy-Components based on the Investment Universe, Strategy-Guidelines, and Investment Restrictions outlined in the term sheet.

For more information about the Actively Managed Certificate (AMC) on AI US&CH Equity Solution, a factsheet is available under the section documents of the website. 

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